Solution to Reading Difficulties In children.


You might be asking ” why is my child having trouble in reading”? ” At what age should a child be able to read ?” , well, this should help you Help kids who can’t read.

*This is probably why your child can't read*

Are you a teacher, or a parent and desperately need you pupil of child to read?
I understand how frustrating it can be, but may be because you have been doing it the wrong way.

Therefore, in this article today, I will answer that question, “Why Can’t My child Read?”

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Often times, we have parents and even teachers who are making children memorize words even when these kids do not understand how these words are formed or how exactly they came about.
The problem with memorization is it makes children less confident as they only know words that they have been able to keep in their brains from constant memorisation.
However the best way to teach kids isn’t the classic means of making them memorize words they probably don’t understand like most of us while growing up were subjected to.

A child taught to read this way will constantly have to deal with fear of attempting new words since they really do not understand how to say the sounds of those words.
“Memorizing words is inefficient. This is one of the reason your child can’t read.

Memorizing spelling patterns without connecting to sounds is ineffective”

Your child is probably struggling with reading English because you believe reading is natural hence he or she should be able to figure them out.
Contrary to some opinions, reading is not natural to anyone and just like every other skill we know, we learn it. Learning has to be done patiently for it to become effective. Your child is struggling with reading English words because you still believe he or she isn’t smart enough to ‘get it’ yet. Skills are taught and inculcated so is the art of reading taught.
Be patient with anyone struggling with this art. Good things take time remember? Great!


How decoding sound Can effect Reading

Still worried that your kid cand read ?

The English language is made up over 44 sounds called phonemes and 26 English alphabets and so many other spelling patterns. Traditional educators, teach children how to say just the English alphabets and totally ignoring that English words are said as their sounds (phonemes) and not as the name of the letters (alphabets). Your child may be struggling with reading because they are yet to learn these different sounds, how to decode them and how they are used in words.
Reading can become less tedious if parents, teachers, and even guardians realize this simple method of teaching children how to read English words by teaching them the sounds they make rather than the name of the letters.

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