APW Dollars Scholarship : Get Dollers For Scholars

Here We Help Our Community’s Students to achieve their  academical goals  

The APW Dollars for Scholars is here to ensure an academic success in our community. APW Dollars for Scholars beeing a non-profitsble foundation is also a fragment of scholarship America® national network of locally based, volunteer-driven Dollars for Scholars chapters.

However,  APW dollars for Scholars objective is geared towards mobilising  our community on behalf of postsecondary education success for our students.

The Foundation (Dollars for Scholars chapter) will also help in raising fund for  hometown students, establish an endowments, provide assistance with college readiness and the financial aid process, and distribute scholarships each year, so that students can achieve their educational goals.

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Finally, for all aspirants of Dollars for Scholars chapter scholarships, here is the right place!  click “Student and Parent Login” and fill the student profile.

However, you will not find and apply for our scholarships on filling your profile,  you will in otherwords come across other scholarships from across the Scholarship America network that you may be eligible for.

Valuable financial aid, college success, internship and career resources can also be discovered,  so get started today! .HEREHERE

Our mailing address is:
APW Dollars for Scholars
P.O. Box 151
Parish NY 13131
Or you can reach us at:

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