Obama Foundation Program; Fully Funded Leadership Development Program 2022/2023 At Columbia University, New York City, USA.

Obama Foundation Program ; Fully Funded Leadership Development Program New York City, USA.


The Obama foundation program is a leadership development program for scholars in USA.

It has been fully funded to create avenue for rising leaders in United states and around the globe. So, if you have  the burning desire to make your environment a better place, by finding lasting solutions to the challenges facing your communities, localities and their various countries at large, Obama foundation program is a great opportunity for you.

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However, the scholars are taught new skills involving leadership development as well as building new capacities to improve their knowledge during the period of the study at Columbia university.

Meanwhile, successful graduating scholars from the Obama foundation can, hence, return to their locality having the full knowledge of what they desired for.

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      Who is  Eligible For Obama leadership foundation Program ?

  • Applicants that are fluent in English, both written and spoken.
  • Potential scholars who have made tangible contributions and impact in their various field and discipline.
  • Rising leaders who are willing to serve within a locality, region or country, and as well, return to these communities after the completion of their program so as to apply their improved knowledge, skills and capacities for the development of these communities.
  • Emerging leaders who will shape their communities with the acquired knowledge.
  • Must have commitment to be courageous, must also have imagination, hope, strategy, integrity and must always be resilient.

Scholars are known for participating in programs that improves their knowledge, skills and experience, and all these qualities are available at Columbia University in collaboration with the Obama foundation program.

    Features of the program

  1. An experiential learning environment which enhances scholars in the Columbia world project.
  2. A weekly seminar that explores questions on the trends of the world involving technological development, population, exercise of power and climate change. This weekly seminar runs throughout the academic year.
  3. Workshops on personal and professional improvement which is aimed at improving practical skills to enhance the learning skills of scholars.
  4. It creates avenue for scholars to have an exposure in the Columbia campus community.
  5. Course advisers in the Columbia university provide assistance and new insight to scholars in the program.
  6. A leadership speaker series that introduces new scholars to their  field from the Government, philanthropy, NGO community and international organisation to improve scholars’ network and perspective to aid their work advancement.

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    Benefits of the Scholars in the Foundation.

  1. Monthly cash benefits to assist scholars in handling their expenses in New york city.
  2. It is a fully funded program, hence,there is tuition and fees for up to four courses at Columbia university.
  3. A well furnished apartment within walking distance of the Columbia university.
  4. If the program is able to convene in person, basic medical and life insurance is made available for the duration of the program in New York city.
  5. Free air travel To and From any home country and program-related activities, if the program is able to convene in person.


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Make sure you are eligible before applying for Obama leadership foundation program

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