Apply for CouragetoGrow scholarships 2021 Scholarship apicatiom Information

Courage to Grow award is a scholarship scheme bent on helping students to reach there academic goals. Scholarship is awarded to to a student every month, therefor 12 student benefit from the award annualy

Amount Awaeded : $6,000

Application Dealine : June 30, 2021


Apllicant must meet tl the following Criteria

Can i apply for scholarship award.?

  • Apllicant must be a high school junior , senior or collage student .
  • Student must have at list from  2.5 GPA up.
  • Applicant must have to submit an essaybof 250 words or less on the topic.(tobe seen in the application form).


Note also,  that the scholarship beneficiaries will be announced a week after the deadline.