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What is Poetry Scholarship And How can I apply .

Poetry Scholarship a scheme that targets student who enjoy poet and creative use of words, that has been established to encourage younger poets in the pursuits for Higher education.

To participate in this Scholarship, a piece of poetic work is a expected from you which should be original.

Judging Criteria for Poetry scholarship

Artistic Quality
Theme or style Requirement
Poetic Expression Mastery

Requirement for  Poetry Scholarship You should Know.

A lot of organisations are willing to offer poets Scholarship to reduce the financial burden of the student, example of such bodies can be ; community organisations, private donors, poetry Magazine , foundations and even Collages .

Some of this Scholarships will requires the applicants to  come from a specific Nationality, to be in a specific age bracket., moreover, Amy lowell Travelling Poetry Scholarship would require you to travel .

Therefore, today we have brought to you some of the contests which a young talented poet should apply for. Meanwhile, in some cases a submission fee will be needed when submitting your work, which is normally used for Judges and administrative Cost.

But, this is not always the case as there absolutely free ones like Scholarship Poetry Contest  which gives out a price range of $1000 – $5000 to fortunate contestants.


Are There Poetry Collages scholarship For Me?


YES! there are colleges that offer scholarship for both incoming and current student and you can also study poetry in some of the collages. However, this scholarship is mainly awarded to applicants going after a  a creative writing degree, example : English Degree, masters in fine arts (NFA). Applicants are likely to feel an FAFSA ( The Free Application for Federal Student Aid ).


  • Ya!!, You need the gift money
  • The fund is nit a loan, therefore you are not paying back
  • The award will go a long way to fix tuition and other expenses in collage
  • You will get paid doing what is your passion
  • This will also increase your experience, which will in-turn increase your chances of  getting jobs, statistically a Professional writers and authors earn between $31,700 and $121,670.


5 Best Poetry Scholarships that Will Pay your Collage Fees



National High School Poetry Contest

To be eligible to for the poetry contest, applicant have to choose a topic and  write 20 lines or less on the topic chosen, and afterwards submit it.  Winners will be published . therefore if you feel you are good to go Click HERE and get started NOW

Amount to Be Awarded: $322

Deadline: June 30, 2021



Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Amount to be won: $10,000

Deadline: Varies according to specific scholarship and region

Who is Eligible:  Applicant should be in  Grades 7-12

Requirements: Write a  1-5 poems, which includes prose poetry, free verse, formal poetry, song lyrics, and spoken word.

Note, There are Different awards offered by Scholastic, which includes, scholarships specifically for young poets, designated for top Awards recipients. It would also interest you that the management is in partnership with a higher institution to offer scholarships to college-bound Scholastic recipients.

Meanwhile,  you will like to be among the five students that will be selected as part of the national student program,  here they will have the platform to showcase their piece of work and serve as one whom others will look up to.



The Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry

Amount to be won : $1,000 or $2,000

Deadline: April 15 (2020 deadline)

Who Is Eligible :  high school seniors student  or any grade higher

Requirements: Applicants are hereby required to submit 3-10 pages bagging  one or more unpublished poems and a  $20 submission fee, which is a one-year subscription fee  to the University of Tulsa’s Nimrod International Journal of Prose and Poetry.


Sponsored by the University of Tulsa, this contest honors the legacy of Pablo Nerdua, a great Chilean 20th-century poet and diplomat. The first- and second-place winners will receive $2,000 and $1,000 respectively in scholarship money and be published in the University of Tulsa’s Nimrod International Journal of Prose and Poetry. Winners will also attend the Awards Ceremony and Writing Conference in Tulsa.


Ruth Lily And Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowships

This scholarship is intended to motivate the students to further and support writing poetry and other related study. the scholarship is offered yearly by poetry foundation and poetry Magazine and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowships. Among the largest awards offered to young poets in the United States,

Amount to Earn: $25800


Deadline:April 30


Amy Lowell Travelling Poetry Scholarship

Amy Lowell is an american poet who died  in 1925. She left a will to support  an annual scholarship to support travel abroad for gifted poets from America.

The American poet Amy Lowell died in 1925. In her will she established an annual scholarship to support travel abroad for gifted American-born poets.

Amount to Win: $30250


DeadlineOctober 15