How to Cool Down Your Room Without AC

Christian Cawley  15-07-2020

It’s sweltering hot and you need to stay cool. Either air conditioner is on the blink, or you simply don’t have one.


Getting it repaired or buying an AC unit or fan is one thing, but all of these things take time. What are you going to do to stay cool right now? Help is at hand—we’ve collected the best tips on how to cool down a room without air conditioner unit.

How to Make a Room Cooler Without an AC Unit

There might be many reasons why the room doesn’t have an AC unit. Perhaps you made an air conditioner blunder and the device stopped working. But right now, you need to cool down. Without an air conditioner, you’re left with tried and tested means to cool down and stay that way.

11 Air Conditioner Blunders to Avoid on Hot Summer DaysUsing your air conditioner as effectively as possible? Try these great tips and tricks to keep cool while saving energy and money.Read MoreYou can cool down a room without an AC unit by:

  • Switching off entertainment systems and computers
  • Knowing the best time to open windows
  • Using light, cotton bedding
  • Activating extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Using energy efficient lightbulbs
  • Cooking at strategic times
  • Keeping yourself cool

Let’s unpack these ideas and learn how to stay cool, day or night.

Switch Off the TV, Games Console, and PC

The first thing you should do is switch off anything that generates heat.


Your TV is a of heat, as is your PC. Even your laptop is likely to generate more heat that you want on a hot day. As for your games console… yeah, turn that off too.

Xbox One power switch

The fans in those devices will already be working overtime, pushing hot air from inside the devices into your room. They need cooling as much as you do—in some cases, more. Switching them off will prevent system faults caused by overheating.

You’ll probably notice a difference within 10 minutes of shutting down your laptop or PC. Switching off a TV might take a bit longer to make an impact. Games consoles run with quite a bit of heat output, meanwhile, so the impact of switching off your Xbox or PlayStation could be almost immediate.


That doesn’t mean you should stop reading, however. Open this page on your phone and read on for more tips on how to cool down without an air conditioner.

Know When to Open Windows

Obviously, you know how to open a window. But do you know when to open the window to make a room cooler?

In hot weather, the rule is simple. When it’s cool early in the day (usually around sunrise), open doors and windows to let your house cool down. Later in the day when things get hotter, close curtains and shut outer doors to trap the cooler air inside.

If you have a fan, switch this on to aid the airflow. This should be a larger static or oscillating fan, however, rather than a battery powered handheld fan.


Stay Cool at Night: Use Cotton Bedding

Hot nights are unbearable. How can you keep your bedroom cool when the lights go out, everything is switched off, but you’re still sweating?

You already know when to open windows. You should already use a mosquito net for your windows and bed to avoid insect bites on hot nights. Mosquito nets allow airflow, preventing you from getting too hot, as does cotton bedding.

Thin cotton sheets are perfect for hot weather. They keep you covered, provide enough warmth to counter a cool breeze, and let you regulate your temperature.

When the heatwave strikes, put lightweight cotton sheets on your bed.


Install Energy Efficient Smart Bulbs

Old style lightbulbs would keep many rooms warm. The incandescent quality meant that heat was radiated as well as light. In hot weather, this is counterproductive.