Social Media Is Ruining Your Life (I Quit)

I’m fond of writing long epistles, only because the ideas that flows through my brain can be somewhat overwhelming.

In that case, I’m going to try and make this article short and to the point. That way, I don’t lose your attention.

Now you’re asking, how is social media ruining my life?

You probably have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. installed on your phone. Who doesn’t?

Ask yourself, “How much time do I spend using these apps every day?”

When you’re arguing with some strange online warriors, posting and watching tons of videos and memes, do you know how fast time fly?

Of course you don’t, cause these platforms were created to be addictive.

If you’re not using these online platforms as a tool, chances are you’re using it to activate your dopamine.

It’s stronger than meth, cocaine, heroin…It’s like a drug you might never overcome!

Right now, you’re alone. Perhaps lying on your bed. If I’m to go through your minimized apps right now, I’m certain I’ll see these social media apps.

Oh.. A message just came in that you’re about to check, right?


When was the last time you slept early? Better put this way, when was the last time your phone took a one hour break, without you touching it?

Probably when you’re sleeping!

You’re so bored, with a very short attention span that sometimes, you find yourself depressed.

You’re probably looking for reasons to close this thread, cause it’s so boring! Oh yes! Your dophamine level is now getting low and its frightening.

Social media is killing you! You know it, but you’re too weak to do something about it.

Every minute you’re checking your messages, your notifications.

You want to know if that picture has gotten enough likes, or if that online warrior has replied to your comment.

While you’re busy brushing up your social media lifestyle, your skill, talent, and career are dying.

How am i so dead accurate? Because I’ve been there.

You either use it, or it uses you. Do you know that the creators of these social media apps don’t even use their apps?

They don’t even allow their children to use it. They know the truth, how addictive it can be even to the most discipline.

I learned the hard way, and the enlightenment changed my life.

When I removed these social apps from my phone, I felt free. I felt happier! I was more productive, and richer.

Oh! I said this was going to be a short article, but look how far you’ve gone. For the first time, you are paying attention!

In that case, I am here to share my experience, and to help you overcome this addiction that’s about to ruin your life, just like it nearly ruined mine.

This purpose of this thread is to help, cause this is a pandemic that the world isn’t tackling. I have nothing to lose or gain creating this thread, but you have everything do gain.