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About Universidad Ana G. Méndez

Universidad Ana G. Méndez, founded in 1972, anf it us a Hispanic-serving, private, non- profit institution of higher education of the Ana G. Mendez University System, Inc. (SUAGM).

It is second largest university system on the island.

Meanwhile, its principal campus is located on Gurabo in the central part of the Island. Almost  23 miles from San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico.

Therefore, The Escuela Internacional de Diseño y Arquitectura promotes interaction between undergraduates and graduates by  allowing both share its design studios.

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Philosophy of the school

Mature and focused student who intends to complete architecture licensing process as major part of their objectives will benefit alot from the school program richly.

However, The weekend and evening classed allows students to work and earn while studying

Unlike any other program in Puerto Rico the Graduate Architecture Program at the ISDA is geared  toward working students ( Unlike any other program in Puerto Rico). The motivation they bring  also enriches all the aspects of this program.

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The program has been designed in two areas.

The first part of this architectural program is to design studio. Here group of students work together in the big open spaced to creat there own personal design projects. Nevertheless,  they will still have to work with other group projects.

The second part of the program is to build studio. In this studio, every student will develop there personal projects.  Afterwards comes a carefully selecting one proposal where all students will play a part in a collaborative effort to construct the structure.