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Grand Ole Opry Faces Backlash Over Elle King’s Dolly Parton Tribute

The Grand Ole Opry is apologizing after Elle King, who was part of a musicale festivity for Dolly Parton’s birthday, started swearing on the stage.

Elle King’s homage to Dolly Parton did not hit the right note with suckers. The” Ex’s & Oh’s” songster entered review following her Jan. 19 performance at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, where she was part of a musicale held in honor of the country music star’s 78th birthday.

After the show, the venue issued a reason to suckers — noting on X, formerly known as Twitter, Jan. 20 that” we deeply lament and apologize for the language that was used during last night’s alternate Opry performance.”

During the event, King sang a rendition of Dolly’s 2001 megahit” Marry Me.” But as seen in a videotape on TikTok, the 34- time-old appeared to forget the words and started swearing on stage.

” Do not tell Dolly,” she told the crowd in the clip.” Holy s–t. I swear if any of you guys tell Dolly.”

And the obscenities did not stop formerly the songster finished the song by Dolly, who wasn’t in attendance.

” I am not indeed gonna f–king tarradiddle . Y’ all bought tickets for this s– t?” she asked the followership.” You ain’t getting your plutocrat back.”

King also added,” I will tell you one thing more. Hi, my name is Elle King. I am f–king pounded.”

Moments after her performance, the Grammy- nominated artist — who is the son of spouses Rob Schneider and London King — came under fire on social media.

” How discourteous,” one X stoner wrote.” Not only to Dolly, but to every single person who has walked on that stage. I seriously can not indeed believe it.”

Added another,” I am disappointed in the@opry for allowing an enraptured and discourteous performance by Elle King in failure of recognizing the great Dolly Parton. I was reluctant to put this out, but I love country music to my core. Where has Country Music gone? It’s unrecognizable.”

Others expressed their concern for the songster, who has spoken about her sobriety trip ahead.

” transferring lots of prayers,” one X stoner noted, while another added,” Enjoyed seeing Elle King have fun last night. Dislike seeing people leave on her moment.”



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